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IronRidge End Clamp Black Finish, Qty. 4

Model and Size: IronRidge, End Clamp, A, 1.31 inches – 1.37 inches, Black Finish, Qty. 4, 29-7000-134B IronRidge, End Clamp, B, 1.38 inches -1.44 inches, Black Finish, Qty. 4, 29-7000-224B IronRidge, End Clamp, C, 1.54 inches – 1.60 inches, Black Finish, Qty. 4, 29-7000-157B IronRidge, End Clamp, D, 1.57 inches – 1.63 inches, Black Finish, Qty. 4, 29-7000-160B IronRidge, End Clamp, E, 1.68 inches – 1.74 inches, Black Finish, Qty. 4, 29-7000-171B IronRidge, End Clamp, F, 1.78 inches- 1.84 inches, Black Finish, Qty. 4, 29-7000-214B IronRidge, End Clamp, G, 1.94 inches- 2.00 inches, Black Finish, Qty. 4, 29-7000-204B IronRidge, End Clamp, H, 2.27 inches- 2.33 inches, Black Finish, Qty. 4, 29-7000-230B IronRidge, End Clamp, I, 1.22 inches – 1.28 inches, Black Finish, Qty. 4, 29-7000-125B IronRidge, End Clamp, J, 1.62 inches – 1.68 inches, Black Finish, Qty. 4, 29-7000-165B IronRidge, End Clamp, K, 1.84 inches – 1.90 inches, Black Finish, Qty. 4, 29-7000-187B IronRidge clamps provide a universal method for securing most popular solar PV modules in solar racking systems. Both the XRS and XRL solar PV rails have slots for top mounting. End clamps and mid clamps are manufactured from either 5052-H32 aluminum or extruded XXXXX aluminum, depending on the clamp size.    

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