Solar Panel Kits

Solar Panel Kits

Complete solar power kit that you or a contractor can install. Each kit comes complete with solar panels, grid tie inverters, and mounting hardware. Choose our Permit Service to have detailed engineering plans and permit documents drawn up for you. More »

Buy Solar Panels Wholesale

Buy Solar Panels Wholesale

Quality solar panels at low prices with expert service. Buy direct and save thousands! We offer expert technical support in addition to wholesale pricing. Our reps have completed actual solar installations and have years of experience designing PV systems for homes. More »

Grid-Tie Micro Inverters

Grid-Tie Micro Inverters

Micro inverters are a small weatherproof DC->AC inverter that install behind each solar panel. They are safer to install, good for solar systems that encounter shade, and allow for future system expansion. More »

CIH20Dl – Data Logging Hot Wire Anemometer W/Cfm/Cmmand 8:1 Ir Thermometer

This precision unit measures air flow volumes up to 2.5 million CFM (72,000 CMM), and features a hot wire sensor that handles even the lowest air speeds with ±3% accuracy. Includes 8:1

Magnum Energy ME-ARC50 Remote Control

Magnum, Advanced Digital LCD Display Remote Panel with 50′ Cable, Flush Mount, ME-ARC50 The ME-ARC is simple to use, yet allows full set-up of all the standard and advanced features available in

UPG 135Ah 12V Sla Battery, Ub121350

UPG 135Ah 12V SLA Battery with I6 Terminals, UB121350 Absorbant Glass Mat (AGM) technology for superior performance. Valve regulated, spill proof construction allows safe operation in any position. Approved for transport by

Sunwize Universal Side-of-Pole Single-Module Mount, 13″ Rail Length

Sunwize Universal Side-Of-Pole Mount, One Module, Adjustable. 2.5 ft. Max. Module Area,  13 inch rail. 2.3 lbs Single module aluminum side-of-pole mounts feature a unique module frame clamping method that fits a

Outback FLEXnet FN-DC 3 Channel DC System Monitor

Outback, FlexNet DC System Monitor, FN-DC The FLEXNet DC collects, monitors and records time-based battery amp, watt and volt data for display on the OutBack MATE series of products, allowing for more

OutBack Power FLEXware FWPV-8 Combiner Box

The OutBack Power Technologies FLEXware PV combiner series sets the new standard for PV balance-of-system hardware. Ideal for both small or large systems, the FLEXware PV8 accommodates the overcurrent protection requirements of

OutBack OBCATV-6 Communication Cable 6′

Outback, Communications Cable, CAT5e Cable, 300V, 6′, OBCATV-6 6 feet in length, 300 volt rated CAT 5e cable with RJ45 connectors.

Outback FW-SP-ACA, FLEXWare 500 or 1000 Surge Protector

Outback, Surge Protector with AC Adapter for Flexware Power Panel, FW-SP-ACA The OutBack Power Technologies FLEXware Surge Protector is a seamlessly integrated balance-of-system component for the FX Series Inverter/Charger. The FLEXware Surge

Outback FW-ACA AC Adapter for FX Inverters

Outback, AC Conduit Adapter, with 2 inch Fitting, ACA The FLEXware AC Adapter or FW-ACA is a plastic case that fi ts on the AC end of an FX Series Inverter/Charger to

ProSolar U-Bolt Assembly, Clear, Qty. 1, A-UAS-1S

ProSolar GroundTrac U-Bolt Assembly, Clear, Qty. 1, A-UAS-1S Used in patented GroundTrac system (uses 2-1/2″ or 3″ RoofTrac support rail) Designed for use with 1-1/2″ schedule 40 galvanized water pipe Includes ProSolar

PVPowered PVP4600-208 SVR Inverter

PVP4600 208VAC String Inverter with or without Integrated AC and DC PV System Disconnect PV Powered grid tie string Inverters continue to deliver industry-leading reliability and technical innovations that lower the total

MC4-Solarline 2 Branch Connector, Male – 2 Female, PV-AZB4

MC4 Solarline 2 Branch Cable Coupler, Male – 2 Female, PV-AZB4 These waterproof Y-connectors make it possible to parallel wire PV modules with Multi-Contact output cables. Maximum current allowed through connectors is

Solectria PVI 1800, 1800 Watt Grid-Tie Inverter

Solectria PVI 1800, 1800 Watt Grid-Tie Inverter Solectria Renewables designs and manufactures power electronics for renewable power generation systems. Feature-packed and highly integrated, the products lead the industry in installation ease and

Magnum Energy MM-RC25, 6 LED Remote w/ 25′ Cable

The MM-RC25 remote control is designed to be simple to install and use. It allows easy control and provides a quick indication of the inverter and charger operation of the MM Series,

PV-Cables 75′ Tyco Minus SolarLok PV Output Cable, 22.0075-M

Tyco SolarLok Connector with Neutral Male and Negative Female 75 Foot Tyco (minus) These 75′ PV output cables have Tyco SolarLok connectors to match the connectors on some SCHOTT, Day4Energy, GE and

Apollo Solar ACM-1 Cellular Modem

The Apollo GSM Modem allows automatic remote monitoring anywhere there is GSM cellular service. Simply sign up for service, insert the SIM card obtained from your service provider, and connect the Apollo

Splicer Block, 2 Pole, #8 to 2/0 AWG, 175 Amps

Splicer Block, 2 Pole, #8 to 2/0 AWG, 175 Amps Use these blocks to splice wires of up to #2/0 gauge. They are UL Recognized and CSA certified for up to 600

NGD268 – Combustible Gas Detector

Industrial uses, HVAC, plumbing and plant maintenance. Features & Benefits : Detects Methane, Natural Gases, Coal Gases,Hexane, Propane, Ethane, Butane, Pentane,Isopropyl Alcohol, Halogenated Hydrocarbons(Methanol, Ethanol, Butanol), Ether, Ketones(Butone, Protone), Hydrogen, Toluene, Gasoline,Industrial

Square D D321NRB 30A AC Disconnect Fused 3-Pole

Square D, AC Disconnect, NEMA 3R, 30A, 240V, 3-Pole Fused, Neutral Bar, D321NRB UL listed CSA certified for metallic pull-out devices only UL listed for copper or aluminum conductors Meets NED requirements

Outback FLEXWare FW-IOB-T-230/400VAC Bypass Breaker for FW1000

Outback, FlexWare Input/Output/Bypass, 30A, 230/400VAC for Triple Inverter, FW-IOBT-230/400VAC Triple inverter Input-Output-Bypass for FW1000 – 230/400 VAC output 30 amp 20.7 kW. Includes nine 30 amp 230 VAC single pole DIN mount