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Renewable Energy Science Education Lab


Are you ready to teach green energy technologies and help your students develop their environmental awareness? This classroom package can be used as a key part of your science, engineering, design or technology courses. The included hardware, software, and curriculum material take a blended learning approach to teaching Green Technologies with applied STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) activities throughout. Demand for energy is rising all over the world, while fossil fuel resources are dwindling and the climate is being adversely affected. Meanwhile the specter of climate change is looming. Science and technology can provide innovative solutions that will be needed to tackle these issues. Today’s students will need a firm grounding in the scientific and engineering principles that underpin these technologies, if they are to contribute to the future of sustainable energy. Activities include:
: Identify how the majority of global power generation is produced using fossil fuels
: Recognize the need for sustainable energy resources
: Investigate the science and impact of climate change
: Use solar panels to generate electricity
: Use a wind turbine to generate electricity
: Build a model wind farm or solar farm and evaluate their performance
: Fuel Cells: Use fuel cell technology to extract hydrogen from water
: Fuel cells: Use a hydrogen fuel cell system to power various devices
: Plus many more’¦.. Includes: WindPitch turbine body. Rotor head for profiled blades. 9 profiled blades for turbine (3 sets of 3 types). Rotor head adapter for sheet blades. 3 polypropylene sheet blades for turbine. Turbine Support base. Aluminum wind turbine post. PEM Electrolyzer. PEM Electrolyzer base. PEM Fuel cell. PEM Fuel cell base. Hydrogen tank. Oxygen tank. Inner Gas containers. Water/gas tank module base. Flexible 2mm banana connecting leads. Transparent silicon tubing. Plastic plug pins for electrolyzer. Battery pack with connecting leads. Syringe for water injection. Motor and fan module base. Propeller blade. Small car wheel. LED module base. Circuit board module for connecting multiple devices. 100 ohm Variable Resistor module (potentiometer). 1 Watt Solar panel. Adaptors, tubing clincher & purging valve. Assembly instructions. CD-ROM with renewable energy curriculum manuals. Horizon Renewable Energy Monitor (FCJJ-24). Power measurement hardware device. CD-ROM with Horizon Data Acquisition software. CD-ROM with renewable energy curriculum manuals. Flexible USB 2.0 cable. * Does not include laptop/computer Horizon FCJJ-33, Renewable Energy Science Education Lab Data Sheet: var docstoc_docid=”122817483″;var docstoc_title=”horizonkit”;var docstoc_urltitle=”horizonkit”;

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