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Schletter Roof Hook, Eco G KlickTop


Schletter Eco G Roof Hook with KlickTop for low snow loads and lower wind loads Roof hooks are available for most types of tile and asphalt shingle roofs. The affordably priced welded hook designs are available in varying metal thicknesses, from EcoG™ up to VaMaX™ (reinforced design for especially heavy snow loads). All hooks are made of VA 1.4301 quality stainless steel. Schletter’s welding procedures follow standards set in the United States. Installation Tips: Determination of the rail position The rails should be positioned approximately one-fourth of the module height away from the lower and upper module edge (see module manufacturer’s documentation for more information). The position of the support rails for module rows above each other must be aligned to the tile rows. Rails must be installed parallel to tile configuration (perpendicular to the rafters). Choice and arrangement of roof hooks Roof hooks are arranged vertically according to the intended cross beam positions and north-south directions. Adjustable roof hooks are available for height adjustment in case of uneven roofs. If the substructure does not give any suitable attachment locations for support rails, often a cross rail system is recommended. Attachment of roof hooks The covering tile is lifted and set aside. The attachment plate of the roof hook aligns over a rafter. A distance of 0.08 ‘“ 0.20″ (3 ‘“ 5 mm) must be maintained between roof hook and tile. This distance can be achieved by using plywood or a Schletter metal distance piece. The roof hook is fastened to the rafter with at least two lag bolts, 5/16″ (8 mm). At least two-thirds of the screw length must be pre-drilled. Ensure that at least 2.75″ (70 mm) of the lag bolts have a grip in the rafter. Reference design documentation for further information on bolt embedment. Screw lengths of 3″ (80 mm) for non-decked roofs and screw lengths of 4.75″ (120 mm) for decked roofs are typical. Only use bolts allowed by system design specifications. Replace covering tile * Some hooks are made to order, please call us today to place your order 1 (866) 798-4435 *

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