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Schneider Electric 854-2021-01, LinkLITE 50 foot Connection Kit


Schneider Electric 854-2021-01 LinkLITE 50 foot Connection Kit. Make sure you connect your battery monitor exactly as shown in the wiring diagram below(See Specifications). The wire colors in your installation must correspond with the same functions as in this wiring diagram. 1. Determine the right cable length and shorten it when necessary. Remove the cable sheath on both sides to free the 6 colored wires. 2. On the battery system side, use the red male ‘bullet’ crimp terminals for the brown and white wires, the M3 fork crimp terminals for the green and yellow wires and the M8 ring crimp terminal for the grey wire. If using an auxiliary battery, install a terminal on the pink wire for connection with the auxiliary battery fuse (auxiliary battery connection hardware not provided). 3. Connect the dual inline fuse holder to the Main battery ‘+’ terminal. If using an auxiliary battery, connect an inline fuse holder to the auxiliary battery ‘+’ terminal. 4. Connect the green and yellow wires to the small shunt screws according to the wiring diagram below. Wrong connection of these wires will cause huge readout errors due to current polarity change. Make sure these green and yellow wires stay twisted together up to the shunt. 5. Connect the grey wire to the large System-shunt screw. Do not insert the white and brown wire bullet terminals in to the blue fuse holder terminals yet. 6. Make the connections on the battery monitor side according to the wiring diagram below. To avoid mechanical damage, do not overtighten the small terminal block screws. LinkLITE Connection Kit Specifications:

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