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UniRac, Ace End Clamp B, Clear, Qty. 1, 004033M


UniRac, Ace End Clamp B, Clear, Qty. 1, 004033M Innovative and affordable, ACECLAMP JR is designed to provide a superior, non-penetrating method for attaching solar modules to any of the popular seamed metal roofing systems. When compared to other solutions, this innovative two piece design has only one bolt with a “top down” clamping mechanism that installs faster than any other standing seam attachment on the market today. ACECLAMP JR’s increased attachment surface allows for an improved load distribution when compared to single contact point solutions. The wider clamp means less scratching of roof surfaces, decreasing the possibility of damage and corrosion when compared to other solutions. The ACECLAMP JR supports both “rail free” and “railed” solutions. When deployed in a “rail free” or “direct connect” configuration, use the ACECLAMP JR with a ¼” (6mm) module mounting connection. Solar modules can be attached directly to the ACECLAMP JR using any of Unirac’s top mounting hardware. We offer the ACECLAMP JR separately from the ACECLAMP top mounting hardware. The ACECLAMP Top Mounting hardware includes the appropriate bolt and top mounting clamp for your application. These are sold separately to allow you to mix and match top mounting hardware with the ACECLAMP. If a “railed” solution is required, ACECLAMP JR with the 3/8″ (10mm) mounting connection can be used to secure any Unirac rail solution to ACECLAMP JR. SolarMount rail and ACECLAMP JR also supports a tilted orientation of solar modules. Rail attachments should be ordered separately. The ACECLAMP JR meets the need for speed and low cost when installing solar modules on seamed metal roofing systems and it will not invalidate the roofing system’s warranty. The ACECLAMP JR also features a 20-year limited warranty. As always, Unirac strongly suggests that the roofing manufacturer and a structural engineer be consulted before a solar array is installed on seamed metal roofing systems. ACECLAMP JR Sizing Guide: A for modules 24’“26 mm thick (0.94″- 1.02″) B for modules 30-32 mm thick (1.18″- 1.26″) C for modules 34-36 mm thick (1.34″- 1.42″) D for modules 38 ‘“ 40 mm thick (1.50″ – 1.57″) E for modules 50 ‘“ 52 mm thick (1.97″ – 2.05″) F for modules 45 ‘“ 47 mm thick (1.77″ – 1.85″) G for Sharp lipped modules H for Sanyo lipped modules J for modules 41 ‘“ 43 mm thick (1.61″ – 1.69″) K for modules 39’“ 41 mm thick (1.54″ – 1.61″) UniRac Ace Clamp Installation Video: UniRac Ace Clamp Warranty:

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